Ashley Madison is a Scam! Hold on a minute…

If you go on the internet looking for reviews of Ashley Madison and Adult Friend Finder you’ll see a lot of bad reviews from disgruntled men who’s vaginal dreams didn’t come true on the site. They complain of bots asking for their money n such. As a user of both of those sites, I can truthfully say there are definitely some bots on those sites but there are real women too. I know because I’ve slept with them. Here’s the problem with many of these adult dating sites. Guys that couldn’t get laid in real life think they can just buy a membership and just have hundreds of women breaking down their door to get in their pants.

Sorry, guys, it’s just not that easy…unless you’re willing to go to the Philippines…

If you are truly looking for the easiest sex around then you should go to an escort service; no huss no fuss. If you’re not willing to pay for sex directly then many the same rules for meeting and charming women still apply regardless of whether or not you paid for a casual dating site.

Here’s how to get laid on a casual dating site

First, you have to look your best. Most women are looking for commitment and are willing to look past certain things such as excess weight, a small dick, or short height to get it. Women on casual dating sites know what time it is and can be very picky. That’s not to say you can’t get laid if you’re any of those things it’s just that you have to work harder than a guy that is tall, well hung, and drives a new Mercedes. In other words, you need to stand out from your competition.

Here’s what one reviewer of Ashley Madison had to say:

I’m a 70-year old married man and spent around three-months on AM. At first I was bombarded by young women from all around the country, running various scams and plots. I just ignored those and focused on searching in my area.

I saw my [future] girlfriend within the first hour that she signed onto AM. You have to write a really good introduction to get to first base. I talked about understanding her need to be discreet, but that her limited Profile kept me from evaluating our potential as a match.

Are there real women on AM? Hell yes, I connected with three and landed an incredible partner. We’re both extremely happy. Do the men greatly outnumber the women? Hell yes. I figure it’s around 15 or 20-to-1, so you’ve really got to be on your game. Confirm that your situations match. (Both married, etc.) Reaffirm that being discreet is an absolute and that this relationship will be important, but secondary to those already existing. You don’t have much time and you WILL NOT get a second shot. Bring your A-game. Spring for a nice place and act like you’ve been there before.

One last thing. Initially, you’ll be bombarded by 20 and 30-somethings with all sorts of come-ons. That’s not AM, that’s those girls, running their scams. Please ignore them. None of them want to meet a 70-year old man that lives four states away.

Bottom line, there are real women on AM, looking for sex partners. The odds are against men, but if you’re patient and persistent, it’s realistic to think that you can find a partner.


Ashley Madison Best Practices

If you want to be successful on Ashley Madison or any adult dating site then these ‘Ashley Madison tips’ will help you.

You have to go first

Privacy and securtiy is the top prioity of women on all dating sites but even more on hook up sites like Ashely Madison. That means you need to make her feel secure. The first step is to send your photos and social media profiles first.

You can be honest!

The big attraction to casual dating sites is that men can be honest about what they’re looking for. If a woman is on there it’s because she’s looking for sex. There’s no need to pussyfoot around that fact. That being said you shouldn’t be too blunt. What I’m saying is you don’t need to pretend that you’re going to put a ring on it someday but don’t come at her asking if she likes to get licked.

Post a picture if you can

Depending upon your situation if you can post a picture do it. Women are very cautious about these types of sites. Posting a picture will help ease her fears, help you stand above your competition, and help break the ice. Not to mention save you a lot of time chatting up women who aren’t interested once you send a photo.

Don’t be cheap!

No one’s asking you to spend $1000 or anything but don’t be a cheapskate. The site offers the ability to send ‘collect messages’. This is equivalent of a collect call where the recipient pays for the message.  This is the cheapest douchiest thing you can do. It’s basically an insult to the woman as you’re telling her that she’s not worth paying the membership to send a real message. Unless you have a six-pack and more than six inches don’t send collect messages.  It’s also worth noting they used to offer a guarantee if you pay at the premium level of $249. Basically it’s get laid or get your money back. Check to see if they still offer this.

Charm a woman

Women want to feel special. What the guy above is trying to tell you, in a nutshell, is if you’re willing to do the work you will get laid. The work meaning you have to be charming. You can’t just come at a woman with “hey baby wanna hook up?” and expect to get good results. You need to talk to her and act like you’re interested in getting to know her (even if you’re not) and make her feel like you’re really attracted to her. Women love guys that have a sense of humor and are confident. Remember I said confident, not cocky, women hate cocky guys.

This is Confidence: “Yeah I just made partner at my law firm. It’s a dream come true, you know!”.

This is Cockiness: “Yeah I’m a partner at my law firm now. All the ladies are throwing themselves at me so I can be very picky.”

The former will make her excited to let you inside her. The latter will probably get you ignored or blocked.

What are gifts on Ashley Madison?

Gifts are like a token of appreciation on the site. They’re the virtual equivalent of buying a woman flowers. While most certainly a profit padder for the site, believe me, they do work. Women want to feel special before they’ll put out and gifts are a good way to accomplish your ultimate goal.  Gifts can be virtual flowers or a wink. They used to have a lot of different emoticons to choose from.

Make a good profile

When it comes to online dating there’s a saying “Men look at pics while women read profiles”. Your profile is really important to be successful. A good profile shows you have a good sense of humor and conveys that you are a fun person to be around. It never ceases to amaze me how many guys go on these sites and start bragging about their dicks or incomes. That may work on a gay site but most professional sophisticated women are looking for something much deeper than that. Your profile should talk about what makes you special in a non-bragging way.

This is what a good profile looks like:

Hey, just on here to meet some nice ladies looking for a good time but nothing too serious. I’m a cop in a nearby town that’s in good shape with kids so discretion is an absolute must. I really like to make a woman feel special and watch her laugh or smile.

You notice that it’s short and sweet. It’s honest–it conveys you’re looking for sex and nothing more but in a non-vulgar way. It lets the woman know you’re in a good shape and very manly. It also lets a woman know that you know how to be charming.

This is what a bad profile looks like:

Hey what’s up chicks? Got 8 inches here that need a hole to put it in. Hit me up…oh and I got abs too.

Hopefully, I don’t need to explain why this isn’t a good profile.


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