Put the Fire Back in Her Eyes!

"My Girlfriend Has Lost Her Sex Drive!" My wife has lost her sex drive and we haven’t made love in over 6 months.  Every time I’ve asked her what’s the matter she would just make up an excuse like ‘oh I have a headache’ or ‘I had a really long day today’.


Last week after much prodding she finally gave in. Gave in is the right word too because that’s exactly what it felt like. I went on top of her and tried everything I could to make it good for both of us.


Every time I asked her ‘you like it honey?’ she just replied ‘yeah’.  I tried different positions different paces but I would always get the same response from her.


Then what she said next just zapped what small shred of dignity I had left.


“You almost done yet?”


I just felt all the blood leave my face. It was like 5 kicks in the crotch. I didn’t even finish . I just rolled off of her turned my back and went to sleep without saying a word to her.




Jim was a client of mine and described that sad but all too common scenario.  “My girlfriend has lost her sexdrive’ is something I get a lot from my  clients male who come into my office.

There are several steps I prescribe to my clients who want to revive their wife or girlfriend’s sexdrive.

Here’s how to revive her drive

Never hear ‘my wife has last her sex drive’ or describe having sex as ‘getting lucky’ ever again with these 4 steps

1. Get in Shape

While it is true female attracted is a lot less vision based than men that doesn’t mean women don’t like to look at a nice in shape body either ya know!

Think about when it started getting harder and harder to get your wife or girlfriend to put out? Did you also start putting on a few pounds?

Are you sleeping more and losing energy? These are natural occurrences as we age but that doesn’t mean they have to be an excuse.  There are several good weight loss plans to help you lose weight fast and healthy and increase your muscle mass as well.

I personally recommend the 3-week diet.  A home gym might also be a good investment. Even just losing a few pounds will help spark that fire in her eyes once again!

2. Fulfill her Needs

The typical man inadvertently starts doing less and less to make sure she’s satisfied in bed the longer he’s been in a relationship with a woman.  It’s like the guy’s brain unconsciously thinks ‘I’ve got her so now I don’t have to try as hard’.

That’s a terrible mindset  to have and with women more liberated than ever your chances of getting left for a guy that will satisfy her are higher than ever!

Ask yourself something…

When was the last time you made sure she came too? How did she look at the sex? Did she look satisfied or did she look glad that it was over?

If she looked glad it was over did you ask her what the problem was? Or did you just roll over and go to sleep?

Women tend to be passive aggressive. That means they may not directly vocalize their frustrations but they’ll let you know they’re dissatisfied with you by withholding what you want until you figure out what the problem is.

If you want to increase your wife’s sex drive you need make sure she is satisfied.

Just remember the sex isn’t over just because you came. The sex ends when you both are satisfied.  If you’re having problems with premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or stamina go here.

–>Free e-book on erectile dysfunction

3. Take Her to a Romantic Dinner

Take her out to a romantic dinner and do something nice for her without the expectation of getting sex in the end! 

Maybe you’ve already taken her for a romantic dinner before and it didn’t work.

Why didn’t it work?

Because she knew you were just doing it to get something in return! Women need to feel loved and appreciated by their man. Very few of us want a transactional relationship.

A transactional relationship is  ‘I’ll do this in order to get that’.


That’s a prostitute not a partner!

Your woman needs to know that you love her no matter what! If you take her to nice dinners and don’t expect sex in return believe me it’ll spark that desire to have you inside her!

4. Take the Load off Her

Is she the one doing the bulk of the housework? Is she the one always running the kids to and from karate and soccer practice? Who washes the dishes after dinner?

If the answer is ‘she is’ then no wonder you’re not getting any. She’s too tired! It’s 2018.

If she’s working too then you both need to split the household chores. Even if you’re the bread winner trust me when I tell you taking the load off her will help you with yours as well.

A Good Course to Help You!

While these points will certainly help you to never hear ‘my wife has lost her sex drive again’. If you are serious you should check out Revive Her Drive

My Wife Has Lost Her Sex Drive Help Kit

It was created by Susan Bratton who is a nationwide famous relationship expert

It contains twelve 40 minute to hour long interviews with experts and leaders in the sexual help/health industry. These guys and gals have over 100 years of combined experience. You will get their best knowledge, tips, and techniques on how to make sex fun and enjoyable for the both of you again. Here are a list of the experts:

  1. Dr Patti Taylor – 20 years studying and teaching others on all matters sex
  2. David Van Arrick – started dating coaching in 1995. He is now a specialist in the field of Advanced Sexuality, Sexual Skills, Relationships and Communication.
  3. Karen Brody – Love & Intimacy Expert for 14 years with a focus on men in relationships
  4. Alex Allman – 20+ years in teaching couples how to have great sex
  5. Adam Gilad – Author, specializing in learning the “language” of the other gender
  6. David Shade – Since 2001 David has gone outside the boundaries of conventional wisdom to find what REALLY gives women incredible pleasure.
  7. Carlos Xuma – Specializes in making men make themselves more attractive to the other sex. The type of men that automatically draw women to them
  8. Christian Hudson – Has  years experience teaching thousands of men how to interact with women
  9. Tallulah Sulis – The preeminent expert on female liquid orgasms/ejaculation
  10. Sheri Winston – For 10 years has been a celebrated sexuality teacher, with a focus on female sexuality. She is also an award-winning author and is qualified as a nurse
  11. Destin Gerek – A sought after sexuality and transformational life coach, speaker, and educator on all aspects of sex, and a protégé of world-renowned sexologist Joseph Kramer
  12. John Alanis – Known as the ‘king of let ‘em come to you’, John is a renegade who spent 10 years learning about women and relationships and now teaches others from his experience

What’s included?

  1. The ‘relationship values’ step-by-step worksheet – if you choose to bring up your lack of intimacy with your wife, this worksheet who’s you play by play how to introduce the subject with your wife without her getting angry, mad or shut you out
  2. An audio lesson on the 21 deadly mistakes guys in relationships make – These mistakes derail her sex drive so knowing what they are, if you are doing them and how to avoid them is very important to any future sex you’d like to have – (you can get that free here)
  3. A specific guide-book on how to overcome her resistance in the bedroom – Start breaking through her barriers and get to the real reasons why she’s lost her libido
  4. A quickfire report on how to get her to trust you enough to surrender to you, and let you give her the orgasms she may not even think she craves
  5. A report on how to know if her sex drive is even repairable – and how you should handle your particular situation
  6. A introductory guide to the ‘4 elements of revival’ which breaks down the parts of the relationship she needs to be in order to want to be that sexual little nympho that you first met and dated
  7. A sex and biology for beginners guide called ‘what the caveman knew’ – All about triggering her primal urges for lust and sex.
  8. A introductory workbook – That shows you the best way to use the program specifically for your situation
  9. There are also 4 bonuses that come with the product

Back to Jim

I gave him all the steps I just gave you throughout 4 weekly sessions. There was some improvement but he still missed the passion they had when they first got together.

Describing his wedding night he told me how he carried her to the bed and he could just see the fire in her eyes! He remembers her saying ‘get inside me now!’

He told me he wanted to revive that kind of sex again. At this point I suggested Revive Her Drive. It’s a great system used by any man who has complained ‘my wife has lost her sex drive’ !

It operates on the golden rule of relationships:“Don’t treat your partner like you want to be treated!”

I recommend it because its affordable and therefore for men of all walks of life life seeking to put the spark back in their sex lives.  Jim said he would try it and the results have been fantastic.

In our final session he told me that he had sex like they hadn’t had in years. He told me his wife told him to tell me thanks!

Those kinds of endings always put a smile on my face even though I have been doing this for years.

Good news…

I found a coupon! 

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