Here’s How to Know if You’ll Get a Girlfriend Soon

A lot of guys  ask ‘will I get a girlfriend soon?’. Whether or not you’ll get a girlfriend soon depends on you. Specifically what you are looking for and what you have to offer in return.

Do girls care about looks?

Yes! Just not in the same way a guy cares about a woman’s looks! When we men are initially seeking a mate, let’s be honest, it’s pretty much all about the body and face. That’s, as men, because we’re programmed to want a girl that has signs of health & vitality such as large breasts, physically fit, and a nice butt . Don’t get me wrong there are some personality traits we look for like agree-ability and helpfulness. But at the end of the day most of us guys would choose this girl even if she just graduated from high school:

Over this girl even if she had a Ph.D.

Women are different though. Yes, a girl cares about looks but not nearly to the level that we do. All things being equal yes a girl would choose this guy.

Guy A

Over this guy:

Guy B

But here’s the difference.

If the guy A was living in his mother’s basement and playing video games whenever he wasn’t at the gym and guy B was the Vice President of public relations 99% of women past their teens would choose guy B; in a heartbeat! Women are looking for signs of resources more than anything else.

A girl wants to see that you are reliable so in case of an emergency she has someone to lean on and that her future children will be well taken care of. It just so happens that good looking guys are more likely to have resources than not so good-looking ones. So, if you are looking for a girlfriend How to Get a Girlfriend Fast then you need to look like you have resources.

But…but my gender studies professor told me women are capable and don’t need or want to be taken care of…

I call bs on that! The truth is the most ardent feminists are lesbians anyway so they don’t know or care what straight women want. For some reason, straight women have allowed them to speak for them though…

Don’t believe me?

Here’s an article on how ‘modern’ househusbands end up getting dumped by their wives for real men…Househusband backlash as high-flying wives ditch men they wanted to stay at home

What are you looking for…really?

What are you looking for? I mean what are you really looking for? Many guys may say they want a serious girlfriend for reasons of social palatability but in reality, they are looking for something casual or even just one night. If you are just wanting something casual then you need to go where women that are looking for something casual are. Ashely Madison, Adult Friend Finder, and Tinder are all good choices for that. Additionally, if you’re going to go in the casual dating scene then things such as your physical fitness, height, your dick size, and charm factor matter a lot more than if you’re willing to be serious.

Obviously, that means if you’re willing to be serious then those things matter less. If you want serious then the most important factor is your resources. Women want to settle down with a guy that can offer her and her future support. If you are looking for a serious relationship then eHarmony is the best option out there. They really do a good job of matching people who are truly compatible. I met my wife on eHarmony. There are also other places though like or

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